Zoella Beauty & Lifestyle Products I Love

I looove all the products that Zoella has brought out and have got a few myself, some I’ve bought myself and others have been gifts. I have tried to link most of them underneath the pictures in case you would like to check them out maybe for yourself or as a present with Christmas coming up! So without further ado here are the Zoella products I own and love!



I own quite a few of the candles that she has brought out because they literally all smell amazing! The ones I have at the moment are Daisy Picking and Seaside Stroll which came together in a gift set and Lazy Days which I got as a gift set with a pair of grey knitted socks which are soo cosy and great for cold nights.

I also have one of the older original candles which are called “Lets Glow” which I actually have two of because I absolutely adore the smell of it.

Lazy Days Candle and Socks Set – Boots

Daisy Picking and Seaside Stroll Candles – Boots



The cushions that Zoe has brought out are great because they go so well in my room, I think watching her vlogs and seeing all her house things is what inspired me to have my bedroom colours to be white, grey and rose gold/pink and the cushions that she has designed fit into that perfectly. I own the first cushion she brought out the “Naps fix everything” cushion, also some of her newer ones the “Cloud Nine” cushion and the sweet dreams cushion.

 Sweet Dreams Cushion – Superdrug

 Cloud Nine Cushion – Superdrug

 You may recognise this photo from my last blog post about my room but I wanted to use it on here too as this is about my Zoella Lifestyle stuff and thought it would be good to not only show single photos of the cushions but to also show how I arrange them on my bed! if you haven’t already read my last blog go on over and give it a quick read!

“Catching Trinkets” Jewellery Tray

I love this little bedside trinket tray because its a great place to put my jewellery like my rings and bracelets once I take them off instead of me setting them somewhere and then forgetting where they are (trust me that used to happen a lot…)

 Trinket Tray – Superdrug


“Pottering Around” Storage Pots

The two pots I have are from last years range one of them is a white marble effect with the words “pick me” on it and the other is a lovely copper colour that says “blooming marvellous” I use these pots to keep my succulents in and they look sooo cute!

 Pottering Around Pots – Boots

 “She Designed A Life She Loved” Stationary Book

I don’t use this as much as I wish I did, I absolutely love this idea with all the stick notes and a place for making lists as I am obsessed with making lists but I would like to try and use it weekly to plan my week and write down everything I have on but I end up using it for a few weeks and then get too busy and forget to write in it! but I still love this product. It also goes really well in my room with the gold writing and the grey and pink cover.

 She Designed A Life She Loved Book – Boots

Make-up bag

I use this bag to keep all my lipsticks together, I don’t have an overly amount of lipsticks mainly because I can’t afford to buy loads (although I would if I could!)

“Creamy Madly Dreamy” Body Lotion

I have nearly finished this and I’m so sad because its such a good moisturiser, it feels great when you apply it and also smells incredible, it leaves your skin feeling SO soft.

Creamy Madly Deeply Body Lotion – FeelUnique

“Soak Opera” Bubble Bath

This is the same scent as the body lotion above so it smells great and it’s just really nice on the skin and lovely to use in a bath. ( there’s not really much you can say about a bubble bath haha!)

 Soak Opera Bubble Bath (Midi Size)– Superdrug

Body Mists

I got the set of 4 mini body mists last year as a present for Christmas the scents that came with it where: Blissful Mistful, Lets Spritz, Sweet Inspirations and Bake My Day. I think its such a great idea having them as a mini because you can take them anywhere! they are great for travelling if you don’t want to take a larger bottle of perfume with you and they are also great for putting in your handbag or school bag.

I also have the original “blissful mistful” in a big bottle that I got as a present and have nearly finished along with the mini one also! This is one of my favourite scents she has brought out.

 (I couldn’t find the lid for one of them so I apologise hahah)

 Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out my previous posts. If you have any posts you would like to see me do please feel free to comment or sent me an email! Remember to check out Zoella’s new “Snowella” and her new lifestyle range on Bootsand Superdrug. I can’t wait to get some of her new stuff and I will keep you all update on what I think of her new products and which ones I buy!

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog its quick and easy all you have to do is enter your email address (it’s free!). See you all in my next post!

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