It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Hello Everyone, Welcome back to my blog! Since it is now December I thought I would share with you just a few of my favourite Christmas decorations from around my house! If you are looking for some decoration inspiration or you are like me and you love being nosey to see how people decorate their house at Christmas time just keep reading!

This post may be quite a short one as it will more than likely have quite a few photos, however, I hope you still enjoy 🙂

I absolutely love our Christmas tree it makes the room feel so cosy and festive and to be honest I wish we could have it up all year round!

I got these super cute vintage lights as a gift 2 years ago and I just love having them up, they are so festive and make me so happy.

 This Christmas bunting has to be one of my favourite decorations that we have up its just super cute!

As you know at Christmas there can NEVER be too many fairy lights!

This technically isn’t a Christmas decoration but I think it’s just super nice and helps to add to the festive look.

I LOVE these cute reindeer tealight holders so much! They are from Primark if any of you where wondering!

We have had these for years and every year they go up I love them more and more they are just so pretty!

Those are a few of my favourite little decorations around my house for the festive season! bit of a short and sweet post today but I hope you enjoyed seeing them I would love to see what your favourite things in your house are at Christmas, tweet me your faves!

Sorry, I haven’t been upload as I should but I promise after the rush of Christmas has pasted my posts will be back to normal! thanks for the continued support!

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