What I Got For Christmas 2017

Merry (Late) Christmas Everyone, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas so I hope you all enjoy! (sorry it’s late)

Disclaimer – I am not bragging about what I got I am just very grateful for everything and wanted to share it! Also the same as my birthday post I decided not to name everyone that bought me gifts for Christmas as some of them may not want me to but I wanted to thank everyone so much, I love everything and I am so so grateful.

 First of all, I am going to show you this, which is an HPSprocket. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a small device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and prints photos, it doesn’t require any ink either just special paper which also has a removable back so you can make your photo into a sticker if you wish! I love this so so much and it’s a great way to keep good memories with you.

 These are also some of the photos that I printed, I love how they came out!

Next, I am going to show you the Zoella Lifestyle/Beauty stuff because there is quite a bit… I am in love with all the things that Zoe has brought out and I am sooo excited to see what she brings out in 2018.

 Instead of taking pictures of all the individual things I decided just to group them together because as you will see there are a few bits but I wanted to show the amazing box some of the things came in because it’s SO pretty!

I also got some GORGEOUS makeup that I am SO excited to try out, I feel completely spoiled this year and I am very grateful to everyone who bought me gifts! These palettes are amazing and the colours are sooo pretty as well as the amazing lipsticks!!


I got my favourite perfume for Christmas and also got the same one from a friend as a late birthday present so now I have two which is amazing because I absolutely love this perfume.

I got a really good waffle maker which I was soo happy about because for months I have wanted one but never got round to buying one and then I got one for Christmas! I was so excited about this that I have already tried it out and it makes really good waffles that are soooo delicious.

I got this beautiful wooden heart tray with two vases in it and some flowers to go in it which I absolutely ADORE! It’s so pretty and fits my room so soo well, I’ve got two of my sprocket prints sitting with it. I also got my all-time favourite Yankee Candle “All Is Bright” I love burning this because it smells amazing and just look how big it is!!!

The last thing I have a photo of is this book. Yes this is a children’s book but this was actually my favourite book when I was really young I used to have it read to me every single night and recently when clearing out all my old stuff from when I was young I had lost it so as a little fun my Mam got my it for Christmas!

I got a few other things that I didn’t manage to get photos of mainly because I don’t have them at my house yet but thought I would mention them at the end! I got a lovely lightbox for my room which I have wanted one for a while now, I also got some beautiful earrings which I now wear every day, I got lots of clothes including a stunning new dress which I actually wore on Christmas day and a boots gift card! (If I have missed anything out let me know and sorry if I have!)

Thank you so much for reading! So happy to be back into writing after Christmas and can’t wait for you to see the posts I have planned for 2018! Remember to subscribe and get in touch if you have any questions

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