Makeup Storage

If you are like me and have a bit of an obsession with makeup, then you will understand my struggle for finding somewhere to store it so its all in one place and organised, I thought I would share with you how I store my makeup to keep it all together neatly! Also includes others such as hair care, skin care etc.

 Lots of you will already be familiar with Alex Drawers but if you have no idea what I am talking about these gorgeous drawers are from Ikea (you can find them here) and they cost about £95, Yes that is slightly pricey for drawers but they are going to be well used, they have great reviews and I have seen soooo many people using them! My ones aren’t full yet, when I get them filled I will do an updated post but for now, enjoy 🙂

 In the first drawer I keep my foundations, concealers, contouring makeup ect. I don’t have too much in this drawer but my collection is growing haha!

In the second drawer I keep my eyeshadow palettes. My collection of which, has grown quite large in the last few months. Before that I didn’t really have much eyeshadow because I always just thought I couldn’t do it but after trying and testing I am slowly getting the hang of it and trying out new things! If you see any of these that you would like a review of feel free to get in touch! you can also see some of them in my “What I got for Christmas 2017” post. I also have my eyeliners/mascara and eyebrow makeup in here.

In the third drawer I keep my lipsticks – my FAVOURITE makeup product ever. I am lipstick obsessed. I think it’s what brings a whole makeup look together and I can’t wait to grow my collection even more! (let me know what lipsticks you love I would love to try out new ones!)

So far my fourth drawer is empty, In my fifth I have my skin care bits which includes things like body lotions, moisturisers, hand creams , body butters, self tanning mousse ect.

Again my next drawer after that which is the start of the larger drawers is empty but the seventh drawer has some of my hair equipment in it including my hair drier, curling wand and heat protectant. (my other hair tools, etc are kept in my desk drawer because they were too big for this drawer)

The next drawer again is empty, I have a few drawers that are empty as you can tell but since these drawers are fairly new I just haven’t decided where to put things and where I want everything so far. The last drawer I have used for my underwear drawer, as my room is quite small and I don’t have too much storage this works really well.

 Lastly I just thought I would show you where I keep my makeup brushes since this is about my makeup. I keep them in these really cute (and very cheap!) rattan style pots which you may have seen in my previous posts.

 Thanks for reading! I would love to know how you store and organise your makeup? also if you have any tips/hacks for in-drawer organisers for the Alex drawers I would love to know how to maximise the space in them. Don’t forget to subscribe! If you want to get in touch feel free to email me or contact me on my other social medias. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Makeup Storage

  1. These are so sleek looking and keep everything nice and organized, definitely worth the money! I’ve got a little makeup stand that I keep my makeup in, I’ve been trying to keep my makeup collection down to things I use all the time, so not having a huge makeup storage anymore has definitely helped! Thanks for sharing x

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