Getting My First Tattoo

On Friday the 13th me and my mum decided to FINALLY get the matching tattoo we had been planning to get for quite a few years. My mum is one of my best friends and means so much to me so getting these tattoos meant a lot to me.

We spent a while planning what we would get and we both decided on a small heart on our wrists.

I was kinda nervous to get it since it is my first tattoo and I didn’t really know what to expect, so I decided to go first so that I could get it over with quicker and not let myself overthink it! When she started I realise it wasn’t as sore as I was thinking it would be in my mind and it really only lasted about a minute until it was done.


It has pretty much healed now since it’s been over 2 weeks, the healing process wasn’t too bad since it was quite a small tattoo and it didn’t hurt that much after but the worst part was when it felt itchy while healing. I used “Tattoo Goo” to keep it from drying out which was recommended by the tattoo artist. I absolutely love my tattoo and have already started planning my second one!

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